Dr. Shuxia Wang
The International Cancer Rehabilitation Center (ICRC) is the first and only medical facility in Houston that specializes in Natural Therapies of Chinese Medicine for cancer.

The center mainly focuses on Natural Therapies for cancer patients from all over the world after surgery or chemotherapy, radiotherapy, the use of SheJing® TherapySheJing® Acupuncture Therapy, targeted at cancer rehabilitation.

In 1975, Shuxia Wang tried to study the anti-cancer vaccine, and she began the research on snake medicine.In 1987, she developed and invented the well-known SheJing® Anti-Cancer Injection, which was proved by the pharmacological experiments of Heilongjiang Province Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China:

  1. The inhibition rate on Liver Cancer of animal mice was as high as 67%.
  2. The inhibition rate of Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma in mice was 63%. There were no side effects in toxicology test, hemolysis test, local stimulation test and allergy test.

The results have caused a stir in the medical profession. China’s major newspapers, the People’s Daily, the GuangMing Daily, the Health Daily and the Science and Technology Daily have reported that Shuxia Wang has created a new way to treat cancer.

In 1987, 50 cases of Metaphase (Medium-Term) and Telophase (Terminal Term) Cancer were observed in 224 hospital. Compared with the results before and after treatments, SheJing® Anti-Cancer Injection was proved to be especially suitable for lymphatic metastasis of lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, rhinitis cancer and brain cancer. In 1990, in order to relieve the financial burden on the family members of cancer, Dr. Shuxia Wang developed SheJing® 01 Anti-cancer Capsule for targeted therapy with Natural Therapy in her busy clinical work. The capsule was proved by pharmacological and pharmacodynamic experiments of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing.

  1. The inhibition rate on liver cancer of animal mice was 62.17%.
  2. The inhibition rate of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in animal mice was 59.8%.
  3. The inhibition rate of Louise lung cancer on animal mice was 57.6%.
  4. Acute and chronic toxicology tests show no toxic side effects

In 1991, 100 cases of Metaphase (Medium-Term) and Telophase (Terminal Term) Cancer were observed in Health Department of Heilongjiang Armed Police Force Hospital. After 6 months of treatment with SheJing® 01 Anti-cancer Capsule, the total effective rate was 81.4%. It was mainly used in Metaphase (Medium-Term) and Telophase (Terminal Term) lung cancer, lymphoma, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer and breast cancer. Cancer, prostate cancer, uterine / ovarian cancer, leukemia, bone cancer, thyroid cancer,etc.

Shuxia’ Wang’s significant invention and new ways of SheJing® Therapy to treat cancer have improved the quality of life, daily function, strengthened physical strength and prolonged life for cancer patients.

SheJing® Anti-cancer Injection was awarded National Invention Patent in 1992

Since 1992, Dr. Shuxia Wang has invented a new way to treat cancer and won the Gold and Silver Award at the International Invention Conference in Geneva, the United States, Paris, France and Singapore. She used Chinese Medicine to treat difficult diseases of the superb skills of medicine and magical visual diagnosis, has been diagnosed with diseases for many heads of states.

She was greeted by former US President George BushCalifornia Governor Schwarzenegger and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In 2018, the U.S. Congress highly praised Shuxia Wang’s major invention and contribution to cancer treatment.

  1. Characteristics of Targeted Therapy in Natural Therapy

At present, Natural Therapies include Oral Administration, External use, Acupuncture and Moxibustion, and External Use of tumor corresponding lesion. Doctors will be based on different organs of the tumor, different types of pathological diagnosis of cancer cells, symptoms will take different ways and means of treatment and conditioning.


  1. Natural Therapy combined with chemotherapy to resist side effects of chemotherapy
  2. Natural Therapy strengthens the killing effect of chemotherapy on cancer cells, and gradually reduces the number of cancer cells in the body. Improve the side effects of chemotherapy.
  3. SheJing® Therapy, in the short term, but specific lymph nodes and tumor lesions to varying degrees of soft and narrow. Increase appetite and enhance physical strength.

Natural therapies are new ways to treat cancer.

  1. SheJing® Therapy is suitable for lung cancer, lymphatic cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma and brain cancer.
  2. SheJing® 01 Therapy, suitable for advanced lung cancer, lymphoma, gastric cancer, bowel cancer, thyroid cancer, bone cancer, leukemia, bile duct cancer, skin cancer rehabilitation.
  3. SheJing® Acupuncture Therapy, suitable for pain caused by cancer, abdominal distention, cough; nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, recovery and relief of numbness of limbs after chemotherapy.

International Cancer Rehabilitation Center does not provide hospitalization services, all patients in the local tumor hospital must do pathological diagnosis, CT diagnosis, CT scan diagnosis for our reference.

According to the diagnosis of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the treatment plan was formulated, and patients and family members were asked for advice.

Patients need to make an appointment 15 -30 days in advance. (The registration fee includes the service of taking the pulse.) No registration fee will be returned if the patient fails to visit the hospital on time.