Stage 1

Professor Shuxia Wang, Director of the International Cancer Rehabilitation Center, said that, Cold is the source of all diseases, Anger is the head of all diseases, disease comes from Cold. cancer comes from anger. Cancer patients, after surgery and chemotherapy, can cause weakness, leukopenia, dizziness, nausea, food loss, dry mouth, cold hands and feet, fecal obstruction or diarrhea such as water, alopecia, limbs ache. The first stage should be the whole treatment and conditioning, first adjust the balance of yin and yang, then adjust to increase appetite, enhance physical strength, regulate qi and blood, soothe the liver and regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction to it.

Stage 2

After a period of conditioning, The functions of the viscera began to recover, The symptoms of dyspnea, asthma and cough in lung cancer patients will be significantly reduced, The blood will disappear in the sputum, and the surrounding lymph will become soft and gradually decrease or disappear; The ascites of patients with liver cancer will gradually decrease, urine volume will increase, abdominal distension will lighten, and skin yellow will fade away; Gastric cancer patients will gradually increase their appetite from total fluid intake; Bowel cancer patients with fecal obstruction, hemafecia will gradually reduce, bowels open gradually. After second stages of conditioning, the symptoms of cancer will gradually improve.

Stage 3

This stage is the key stage of tumor treatment and recovery, General chemotherapy and oral SheJing® 01 Capsule at the same time. After many years of summary, generally curative effect is better, the tumor is narrowed and the cancer cells in blood decrease rapidly. After 45 days of treatment, the cancer cells in the blood will drop from 37% to 15% before treatment, After 3 months of treatment with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the disease is relatively stable, inhibiting the development and metastasis of the tumor, metastatic masses and lymph nodes began to shrink.

Typical case

SheJing Therapy,Patient with advanced breast cancer have been living for 25 years.

Mrs ZHOU, 42 years old.

In 1993, a mass of about 2.5 cm2 x 3.0 cm2 was found on the inside of the left breast. It was not painful, itchy, hard and motionless. I didn’t care. Two months later, I found a lot of lumps in my left armpit, which gathered together, and I felt obstructed when I moved my left upper limb. The pathological diagnosis was left breast ductile adenocarcinoma and lymphatic metastasis in Heilongjiang cancer hospital. The hospital recommended surgery. After the left breast surgery, the wound never healed. A lot of stinking liquid often comes out. At that time, she was given chemotherapy by the hospital. On the one hand, she was worried that the side effects of chemotherapy were too large for her body to bear. On the other hand, doctors say that the longest life span of lymphatic metastasis is more than two years. So Miss Zhou gave up chemotherapy and waited for death.

One day a friend who worked in hospital told Mrs. Zhou that, A natural anti-tumor project invented by the Harbin Shen Kang TCM Cancer Institute. The SheJing® Anti-cancer Injection is not only effective but also has no side effects. Many cancer patients at home and abroad make an appointment to see the doctor. Mrs ZHOU is very happy, In the evening, she could not sleep to look forward to seeing doctor at dawn.

After two courses of treatments with SheJing® Anti-cancer Injection, the supraclavicular and auxiliary lymph nodes gradually began to soften and the swelling disappeared. At the same time, SheJing® Anti-cancer Injection combined with SheJing® 01 Capsule for six months. The wound began to heal, the auxiliary metastatic lymph of the clavicle gradually decreased, and the metastatic lymph had shrunk to untouchable in more than a year. Two years later, she went to the provincial cancer hospital to review, without radiotherapy or chemotherapy, Only using SheJing® anti-cancer products, it healed well without new lesions. All the metastatic lymph nodes disappeared and no other therapies were taken.

The doctors were very surprised, they asked Ms. Zhou to recommend, take them to see Dr. Shuxia Wang, the inventor of SheJing® Anti-cancer Injection. It is learned that SheJing® series of anti-cancer therapy belongs to Targeted Natural Therapy. Director Shujiang Yu, CT Room, said that no matter what method is used for cancer, chemotherapy or SheJing® Therapy, who is the most effective against cancer, who is a good medicine. ShuJiang Yu is Director of CT room of Heilongjiang cancer hospital.

When he reviewed the patient’s CT pictures, he found that the patient had CT before the tumor treatment compared with CT after two years, The tumor is shrinking and disappearing. The director asked them what methods they had adopted and how effective they were to recover. The answer is the result of the treatment of Shejing® anti-cancer
injection and Shejing® 01 capsule.

Ms. Zhou said that over the past 20 years, she has been taking care of several children, doing housework and cultivating them. Mrs ZHOU has been living for 25 years and is still alive. When she met people, she said that she was desperate after suffering from cancer because she really wanted to give up treatment when she learned that lymph nodes had metastasized many times. Often see friends around cancer after a lot of twists and turns, finally, when lose both life and money, she thought, Hospitals have no way to cure cancer. Chinese medicine is not necessarily a good idea. It’s just the idea of keeping a hope with Chinese herbal medicine.

But then I saw with my own eyes that the patients who came to see Dr. Wang Shuxia for treatment of cancer came from all over the world, The first time to come to treatment, there are also significant curative effect and re-visit, and thanks to Dr. Wang for sending her a flag or plate after years of treatment. Seeing all this, she also saw the hope of life and set up confidence in treatment, Insisted on treatment for more than a year. She said, I had been lucky for 25 years as an advanced breast cancer survivor. The treatment did not take a detour, did not do chemotherapy, radiotherapy, simple use of Shejing® therapy to survive so far, thank Professor Shuxia Wang developed and invented Shejing® 01 capsule.